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Indian Clothing

Indian Clothing – The true comfort!

India is a country of varied temperature zones - from sub-zero temperatures in the northern part of the country, to a hot and humid climate in the southern part. Naturally, Indian clothes are available for every kind of climate, providing comfort and protection from the climate.

Indian clothing is typically worn during summers since these clothes are generally loose and made of summer-friendly materials such as cotton. Kurtas are the most popular form of Indian clothing and they can be worn by both, the men and the women. Kurtas are kind of loose shirts which fall just above or below the knees. There are short Kurtas available as well and they may reach just till the hips.

Younger ladies generally wear short Kurtas along with 'Paijamas' (loose-fitting pants) or jeans while middle aged ladies prefer long Kurtas along with Paijamas. These Kurtas may be long sleeved, short sleeved, or sleeveless, though traditionally, long sleeved Kurtas have been used. Men generally wear long Kurtas having full sleeves and any other form of this clothing is uncommon among men.

Kurtas are usually handicraft products, i.e. they have been carefully designed by artisans without the use of machines, which implies that each piece of clothing is unique. The designs are mostly of different forms of flowers, or abstract shapes. Sometimes they might even be forms of deities or pictorial representations of the forces of nature.

Indian clothing is very comfortable and the quality of the clothing materials, including the strength and durability of the clothes is quite impressive. The Kurtas are so designed as to allow air circulation during summers. During winters, one may wear kurtas made of thicker fabrics and having long sleeves. It is also stylish to carry a stole over the Kurtas for ladies. Men may also carry a lighter stole but only for special occasions.

There are numerous varieties of embroideries available when it comes to Kurtas. 'Chikan' embroidery is very popular among the younger generation. Then, there are silk Kurtas available as well which are worn on special occasions like festivals or functions. The cuff buttons and the shape of the neck of the Kurtas may also be adorned with precious stones, giving it a sophisticated form.

Kurtas are always in fashion and they are great to wear on any occasion, be it formal or informal. A Kurta will not only make one's outfit unique, it will also add to the elegance of one's personality.